Jonathan Batchelor

AGE: 43
HOMETOWN: Sacramento, CA

A little about me

Currently I'm  in the middle of starting Virtual Viewpoint, Inc. Which is a 3D Virtual Tour Scanning provider and Real Estate Photography company located out of Sacramento, CA. You can visit us at . 

I spent my early years in a little town in North West Alabama called Haleyville. Spent most of my childhood taking every toy I ever received apart to see how it worked, then built new things from the parts. The only toy I wasn’t able to disassemble was a bubble gum popping push toy I received as a toddler. It’s indestructible. There were days that my parents (and the neighborhood) were not as happy as I was that my experiments with model rockets, computers, and powered gliders succeeded. On more than one day I've prayed the power did not go off because it would clear the memory of my Commodore 16 (if you know what I'm talking about your probably a nerd like me).

I am an Army veteran. I enjoy sailing and have certificates from the American Sailing Association and I've sailed in San Francisco Bay and in the Intercostal Waterways of Florida. I grew up around heavy equipment most of my life. I have operated everything from one of the smallest computers in the world to a 1946 Skinner horizontal steam engine that produced 450KW of electricity. 

Notes To Self

What is the value proposition? Who is it for?

Can you prove intent to purchase?

What problem does it solve?

Do the people that have the problem, know they have a problem?

Where are you going to make it?

Can you make it for less than you can sell it?

Is there social benefit?